Another timelapse


Here is a little project I've made 2 weeks ago : a timelapse controller for Canon DSLR.

It's pretty simple

  • an arduino mini pro
  • 2 optocouplers (4n35)
  • an LCD (HMC16223SG - controlled by HD44780)
  • three push buttons
  • two LEDs
  • a bit more than 600 lines of code (not really optimized, nor commented, nor cleaned ...)

You can find more details on my blog which is now available in english ( or in french (

And the first two videos I've made with that timelapse :

Don't hesitate to comment or ask questions ...


It's amazing that at 30fps the clouds seem to go in an completely different direction to those at 15fps.

Youre sure that this is not 30 frame per minutes instead of second???
seems pretty fast.

Just to clarify a bit, the 15fps and 30fps is just the replay speed. The interval for both videos was 5 seconds between shots ... so for the first one the time is accelerated 75 times and for the second 150 times.

The camera was pointing in two different directions which explains the different effect ... first one to the pointing west, the second one pointing south and a bit lower also, which add a bit more depth to it.


What looks impressive to me is the enclosure, how did you get the opening for the LCD to look so polished?

Well, the original enclosure had a wide translucent panel, too large for my LCD. So I just cut a small piece of tape that was exactly the size of the display zone of my LCD, I've rounded the corners with scisors and set it in place ... then I've used a spraycan to paint the surrounding in black and finally I've removed the tape ...

That way, I don't see the frame nor the circuit of the LCD ... it's simple but effective :wink: