Another Weather Station (with e-Paper)

I made this wall Weather Station that fetches, through WiFi, data from openweathermap API and displays some weather info (temperature, weather description, icon and UV data) for today and next day.

Used ESP32 board (arduino framework) with Waveshare 2.66inch (three colors) E-paper, that works with 18650 battery.

Updates every 30 minutes. After the display is updated, the ESP32 goes into sleep mode, to save battery. But the information remains in the screen due to e-paper technology.

3D printed the cloud shaped case made with Fusion 360. Painted blue. Hosted at Weather Station by luiscrjunior - Thingiverse

Code is here: GitHub - luiscrjunior/WeatherStation

Hope helps someone like me that is starting with arduino/esp32 projects (this is my first one, btw).

* Displayed data is in Portuguese (Brazil), but the code is in English.


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Nice project!
Well done!

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