Ant + reception and applications

I'd like to know if it would be possible to receive data from ant+ sensors such as speedmeters or heart rate belt and vizualise the data on a lcd ? how to proceed, what is the code ? what board should I use ?

This is a popular use for an arduino .

I would suggest you get a arduino Uno at first since almost all tutorials you'll find are geared for it.
There are many starter kits that have some components, sensors and some even will have an lcd.

This will be enough to get started learning how to use the arduino.

First learn how to use the sensors at this point you can display the readings on the serial monitor.
Then learn the lcd to display the readings.

When you get that working get a second arduino and tackle serial communications and get them talking to each other.

There are several wireless protocols to choose from, rf being the cheapest, but you will have to examine the advantage/ disadvantages of each to fit your needs.

When you have it all figured out. You will likely want to use a couple of the smaller arduino's(nano,mini, etc.) in your final project.

Oh and the components would be: sensor+arduino+transmitter ---> receiver+arduino+lcd