Antenna connector near a shielded inductor - buck converter

Hi all,

Is it a bad idea to put a U.FL connector near a shielded inductor?

The connector is for 2.4GHz Wifi signal, the inductor is connected to the output of a buck converter with 700 kHz switching frequency. Distance is 3 mm.

I do not have enough space on board.

I suspect the inductor IS the buck converter. Since it is shielded, it is a known radiator. Your oscilloscope will show you if there is a problem.

Thank you for your reply,

but do you think that the noise radiated by the inductor will influence the Wifi signal ? Or does the noise will be "catched" by the uFL connector or the antenna cable ? ( antenna cable is also shielded ).

Hope my question is clear :sweat_smile:

Maybe yes, maybe no. So much depends on the current being drawn from the buck converter. Place you local router antenna next to the operating buck converter and see it has an effect.

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