antenna extendor A6 GPRS


I am working with A6 GPRS shield. I would like to build the unit in a case, but I like to have the antenna outside the box. Does an antenna extendor cable exist ?

I am searching the internet but I don't find anything. Probably I am not using the correct keywords... Anyone a hint or a link ?

Regards Diederik

Most likely, yes. The term is "pigtail". But you need to make sure you get a pigtail with the right connector to match the connector on the shield and the connector on the antenna. A common connector on PCBs is the U.FL connector. What makes things confusing is that "U.FL" is a tradmark of Hirose Electric Group, so every other manufacturer who wanted to make these connectors had to call them something different. This means there are something like 6 different names for the same connector:

Hirose U.FL, I-PEX MHF series, IPAX, IPX,[2] AMC[3] and UMCC (Ultraminiature Coax Connector and Cable Assembly Style A Series from Tyco Electronics)

Here's an example of a U.FL female to SMA male pigtail: you can get them in various lengths.