Anti shoplifting device


i am new in Arduino.I need a device to prevent stealing. I know there a lot of RFID project already but RFID label is to big and to expensive for cheap goods. The best would be a detector for Electro Magnetic strip labels. The base of these tags : Iron-based/ cobalt-based. So it would be some kind of cobalt detector. I don't know how to start this project.

thanks for advice Krone

So it would be some kind of cobalt detector.

NO it will not be a cobalt detector.


Any sensor that will detect iron will detect anything else iron being carried. I doubt there is a sensor for cobalt, more likely be chemical test.


Please read the Wikipedia article on electronic security tags. That will give you the background information to know what you need to find out in order to do this, as well as giving you the correct terminology to use to refer to the kind of tag you want to use.