Any 8x8 LED RGB Matrix techings?

I have a 8x8 LED RGB Matrix (FYM-23881ARGB-11), the RGB LED Matrix Controller v2 and a v3, and the Arduino Diecimila.

Does someone out there have a very good and easy to read step by step of how too make these work and light up?
I also need to know how to convert it to a 24(across)x8(down/up)?

I'm not very good with the code personally and I would love to get it to work with just the 8x8 but if the 24x8 works that would be wonderful too. I learn quick if there was a good step by step instruction on how to make the 8x8 work and what did what in the code.

The software that I was using was just the Arduino sketch but do I also need to use the AVR software too?

Please help still kind of new to this.

Doesn't Sparkfun provide example code for that very pricey product?

I didn't know that they had it I just got kind of set onto the project to make a bigger board version work.

Do you know the URL.