Any Advice for Touch sensitive bowl

Dear All

just hoping for some advice
a student from my college wants to make a touch sensitive bowl of water
with a light inside (when touched the bowl darkens)

Is there some way of making a sensor work across the whole bowl?
where would be the best place to the equipment to sensitise the bowl and how would it be wired

I would be grateful for any advice

All The Best

I’ve got a couple of lamps that are controlled by touching anywhere on the body of the lamp - I understand they work by some sort of capacitive sensing. This sounds like the sort of thing you are looking for. I don’t know whether the presence of water inside the bowl would be a problem. You might consider looking for standard commercial touch-controlled lamps in shops near you and try to see one working.

ive used this to build similar things its pretty easy to use, you build your own probes, works good once its all hooked up. i soldered a wire onto a penny as a probe.