Any arduino boards w/ integrated gps/accelerometer/sd support?

I'm trying to put together a datalogger that takes accelerometer data, gps, pressure/temp sensors, and some other stuff, and dumps all of it off to an SD card. A couple remote sensors will send additional data to the "base" station.

I can't imagine that I'm the first person to need GPS/accel/wireless(non-wifi)/SD/battery management all on the same board. The pressure/temp and other stuff, I'll add myself. Can anyone point me in the direction of such a beast? My current solution is going to be a 20-30 cm^3 beast - not including the battery - and I'd like to get that down.


I'm not aware of an Arduino with built in GPS

the MKR ENV Shield has SD + Atmospheric pressure, Temperature and humidity and Light intensity sensors.

the MKR IMU SHIELD offers three-dimensional acceleration, yaw rate and magnetic field strength data in 3 perpendicular axes

the MKR GPS SHIELD will receive signals from GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo

Adafruit has also the Ultimate GPS Logger Shield with Low power module - only 30mA current and a large prototyping area where you could add your sensors.

For logging to an SD card, I highly recommend the Sparkfun OpenLog. It simply stores everything that arrives via Serial.print().

The Nano 33 BLE Sense does a lot.

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