Any better tutorials out there for os X?

I'm attempting to interface the board to work with a cocoa project i'm working on. I'd like to build a board test circuit where i can turn on pin 0,1,2,3,etc.. with a GUI or turn pin 0,1,2,3,etc.. into inputs and read them on screen in an app. also to turn the PWM pins on with an on screen slider. I'm looking at doing some fish tank automation in the long run here with this board and i'll need to read/write digital in's/out's and activate servo's for periods of time with the PWM pins. I see this board being the godsent I need i jst need more tutorials. The sample programs to light an LED and to flip a switch to make an LED light are great. Something like that for use with xcode or realbasic would rock! I was also thinking of using real basic to accomplish this but once again i dont see any simple turoials. Anyone have the detailed code out there I need to light an led with a button made in cocoa or realBasic?