Any chance of adding an archive or export bundle function

I need to use the Arduino online code editor for a project and I see there is a very handy method of importing an existing project bundle into the online IDE, which would include your code and all custom libraries etc. (in zip file format).

However, in the standard desktop-based Arduino IDE there is no reciprocal, as in there is no method of automatically creating this export bundle. You have to do this manually

As such, I thought to put in a request for this new feature for the desktop version of the IDE where we can create a project archive, which includes code and libraries.

I have seen this in other code IDE's for other microcontrollers (usually under the File menu and named Archive...) so I know it is doable.

AND... I've just noticed there is already an "archive" function in Tools menu (and never used before) but I see this does not bundle in the libraries... which should be given as a user option, in my opinion.

So looks like we are halfway there to getting my request implemented...

Fingers crossed this is already in the pipeline. :slight_smile: