Any chance of getting this tutorial changed?

This page:- Is a constant trap for beginners, it says:-

We have added a 1K resistor to pin 13, what allows the immediate connection of a LED between that pin and ground.

This hasn't been true for years, it tricks beginners into thinking it is true, not wholly unreasonable as it has the air of officialdom about it. But it also make other think you can do it with all pins, silly I know but there it is. Just a change saying:-

You need to add a current limiting resistor to drive an LED from any Arduino pin

would surly do it.

I've e-mailed Massimo about it.

If you don't mind me suggesting it, it's ridiculous that such a trivial sketch has as many lines of comments as the code. In particular, credits, date, "based on an original" and a Copyleft assertion.

It blinks an LED! You don't need to have to require anyone that "modifies or extends" it to also copyleft their work.

Also the comments mention using pin 13 "because it has a resistor attached to it" - you need to change or delete that.

BTW this page:

... doesn't bang on about Copyleft. In fact it says "This example code is in the public domain.".

Hello Admin!!

This wrong information is being picked up by Newbies and publications.

I just reviewed a University course and this same misconception is in their lab handouts!!

It’s On Arduino It Must Be Right!.. PLEASE??

And not to mention the infamous "cap on shift register clock pin".

I imagine they have their hands full with the new boards at present, and when they are released the docs will be even more out of whack.

I know we've said before that more detailed docs will confuse beginners, but constantly referring to schematics and source code is not the way to go either.


Hi Rob, Isn't there anyone in the volunteer Admin here who has authority to edit?? Seems like ArduinoInc could trust a couple of common sense people.

I'd nominate you.. 8)

My vote for rights to change goes to everyone who has replied until this post.

Why not? You guys, politely, correct the mistakes and answer the questions in the forum anyway...

I'd nominate you..

Gee thanks :) Actually I don't mind that sort of thing, I used to the the tech pubs for a company I worked for in a previous life.

Seems like ArduinoInc could trust a couple of common sense people.

Yes we've mentioned that before as well I seem to recall, and if we can't find anyone with common sense then maybe some of the regulars.

I would think that a few people should be given the rights to make small changes, maybe with a peer review. Same for all the docs, I'm sure this is going to get out of hand with the new boards.

I don't really know how the playground etc work, I suppose any changes there would have to be run past the original author.


Me thinks (oxymoron?) that because the tutorials form part of the distribution kit someone is worried about it has to change version number when edited.