Any Coders based in Alice Springs NT Australia???

Hi guys,
I am hoping to connect with any hobbits coders or professionals that are based or visit Alice Springs. Being based in the middle of the country makes the chance of finding anyone very slim.
But on the upside if you are in town and want to bounce ideas I am happy to be contacted.
I am by no means a pro, quite the opposite to be honest.

Looks like no takers eh? I'm in central QLD these days but would have liked to have had a fellow nerd to yap to on my several times visiting the Alice.


Canberra, here. Been though the Alice twice, doing a road trip in the rusty old Torana, back in the '90s.

Your best bet for finding technical people is the military base. A lot of them will also be working with embedded processors.

lol all the military people tell you they are 'gardeners' but that BS

But I know they do some drone work and a bit of stuff with high altitude ballons they are pretty tight lipped but get one a bit drunk and you can pull stories and bits and pieces of info lol

Its not that secure you can see it easily enough from hills just outside of town, have even have flown drones over lol