Any consensus on MacOS Mojave installation and serial port issues?

Is there a consensus forming around how to access an Arduino Uno clone on MacOS Mojave with USB serial ports?

I have an Uno clone: which comes with an ATMega16u2 USB-Serial chipset for host communication duties. I'd like to use it with a MacBook Pro (2013) running Mojave.

I've never been able to even get the Mac to recognize it as a USB device, let alone access it via the IDE. The same board with the same (tested) cable works fine on a Mac mini running Arch Linux so I'm hopeful the board and the cable are not the problem. I've also tested the same board and cable plugged directly into the MacBook or via USB2 or USB3 hubs with no luck.

The posts I've seen that install MacOS drivers for CH34x or other chipsets aren't relevant here, but I'm hoping someone must have gotten this working?

Any advice much appreciated,


Mojave has a lot of issues with Arduinos.

Using the search option will gather those up for you. The magnifying glass at the top right.

Not a MAC person so that's all I have.