Any difference between ATmega328P and Atmega328 for arduino use

From what I understand the P on the end of the part number refers to low power consumption capabilities of the chip, are these used in the arduino bootloader or software system or can either be used ?


what u are looking for is already answered by this forum enough detailly

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i get the impression that those discussions are old and I'm getting confused, do i need to change avrdude files or the boards file ? that would be a simple change for the boards file just create a new board type that has the correct fuse settings.

The chips are functionally equivalent for all you'll probably care, but they do have different signatures. I don't have an Arduino install on this computer, but IIRC you only need to change the signature in the avrdude.conf for a quick hack (good if you just want to flash the odd chip or two), or you can add the relevant device info in avrdude.conf as a unique entry, and then add a corresponding entry in boards.txt to reference it as a separate board type.

I don't remember the fuses being different... but don't take my word for it if you have the datasheet available.

so I do need to update the AVRdude file and the boards file

If you want it to be an easily configurable target board from the IDE, yeah.

Well I’ve got a couple of chips on order to test with, from what T’m understanding once bootloaded it will work as an UNO with no problems it’s just getting the bootloader burnt that takes the extra effort. If you scroll down the list of boards in the menu there are a few (older ones ?) that are based on a 328 rather than 328P so they were used at one point for arduino unless it’s a typographical error in the headings for the board file.

Specifically the difference is when a flash image is uploaded using ICSP rather than serial, but yes.. the latter implies there's an existing bootloader, which doesn't care about the signature. And to get that bootloader installed, you need ICSP, which does care.

I remember there being a lot of differences in the toolset distributed with Arduino and the AVR Studio package. IIRC (it's been a while), the Arduino distribution was using an oooold version of avrdude, and a fairly stripped-down configuration file.