Any differences in programming Uno Wifi, vs vanailla Uno?

I would be surprised if this question was not already answered somewhere, but perhaps the possible search terms are just too general to drill down to an appropriate response.

I do hope to incorporate WiFi in my project, in the future, so I would like to use the WiFi Uno board. But, I am not that familiar with Arduinos, so want to make sure I am not making life too difficult for me, as I ramp up my skills with Arduino.

Does the Uno WiFi ( ) behave EXACTLY like the plain Uno? In other words, if I ignore the WiFi aspect of that board, can I expect all example programs written for the Vanilla Uno to work?

I know that I will eventually be using one or two of the available interrupts, so I don't want to unnecessarily tie them up. I am also starting to see that I don't have a surplus of in/outputs. Are some tied up with the Uno WiFi version.


Here's something you should be aware of:

Thanks for the link to that topic. So, it seems A4 & A5 are used by the WiFi module, and cannot be used for reading analog signals, even if the WiFi is not used.

It is still not apparent to me if those pins might still be usable in any way, if you ignore the WiFi. But I imagine it is best to assume that they are off-limits.


yes, they are off-limits. Serial1 is attached there