any experience with Cardbus IDE host controller?

there are only two ways to attach a CompactFlash or a MicroDrive to Cardbus:

  • through a CompactFlash Adapter. These adapters cost next to nothing since they have no electronic components, however the performance is abysmal, usually less than 1MByte/sec
  • through a Cardbus IDE host controller, built-in the cardbus CF adapter. This is the option I chose for my laptop. It's basically a cardbus card (not pcmcia) with an IDE controller that presents the CF card as an extra drive off of a pci controller. Brand names are { Delkin(1), ASKA, Workbit }, performances should be OK since it's a native PCI solution.

Someone with experiences? With Linux? Real throughput? Performances? Tips? Tricks? Advices?

(1) CardBus Delkin Devices eFilm

But I'm concerned about performance. The delkin_cb.c file states:

 *  This is slightly peculiar, in that it is a PCI driver,
 *  but is NOT an IDE PCI driver -- the IDE layer does not directly
 *  support hot insertion/removal of PCI interfaces, so this driver
 *  is unable to use the IDE PCI interfaces.  Instead, it uses the
 *  same interfaces as the ide-cs (PCMCIA) driver uses.
 *  On the plus side, the driver is also smaller/simpler this way.

interesting, 60 USD dollar interface, which performs 1Mbyte/sec :o :o :o
it happens with looooooooniiiiixxxxxx