Any experience with E32-TTL rf modules? - solved

Solved - The supplyer does have and english datasheet

I am looking for 433mhz rf modules to put in a model rocket that will give at least 1.5km range. I only want to send gps co-ordinates and atmospheric pressure data so data rate is not an issue. The transmitting antenna has to fit in the rocket so must be less than 10 cm long, the receiving antenna will likely be a homemade yagi. The transmitter needs to be controlled by an arduino nano, and the receiver by an uno.

The E32-TTL modules seem to be the best with the lowest price, specifically Has anyone had any experience with these modules? It seems to be very hard to find any information on how to use them, the only datasheet I can find is in Chinese. Info such as what each pin does, logic voltage would be very helpful. Also, does the 3000m claim by the manufacturer seem feasible in this situation?

If any other modules could be recommended that would be very helpful also.

I am fairly new to arduino

Thanks in advance