Any experience with old Siemens PLCD55xx LCD displays?

I've recently inherited a bunch of older Siemens 8x1 LCD displays, and would like to find a way to re-purpose these for other projects. They are, however, unlike any LCD displays I've worked with in the past. They're a 28-pin connector, 8-bit parallel data bus, and there's ok documentation available (PLCD558x Siemens Low Power 0.145" 8-Character, 5x5 Dot Matrix Parallel Input Alphanumeric Intelligent DisplayTM ChipFind Datasheet Archive |, but they're clearly intended for use with controllers with a separate address bus, and potentially an external address controller if you want to chain more than 2 together into a longer display.

My question: Has anyone encountered these before, or units similar to them, and know if any of the existing Arduino display drivers will work with them?

There's enough documentation that I could probably write a new driver if I had to, but I'm not sure starting from scratch is worthwhile given the low cost of the Hitachi-compatible LCD text displays.

The big "advantage" to these old Siemens ones is that they're not really LCD... they're tiny LED arrays (not backlit) and are extremely bright, so you can end up with a brightness and visibility that cannot be obtained with most LCD equivalents. They also can (theoretically) be chained up to 15 units, giving you an effective 120x1 display surface.

Any insight? Thanks in advance!