Any Good General electronics books for Beginners?

Hey Guys,

I am completely new to the world of electronics and cant find a good book that teaches you the basics of making electronics in general, do you know any? Thanks!

The following are easy, basic introductions:

And when you start to get comfortable with what the above cover, the classic to keep on your shelf (after reading it) is

Thanks Wanderson! That is very helpful!

Lots of info on the net. Most any search with "tutorial" added will produce results like below.

The book I learned the most from is this one, though it is hopelessly outdated:

I don't know why, but it made it all make sense to me. After reading this book I was able to take a 555, a 154, two EEPROMs, a bunch of 193 counters and a set of 283 adders and make with pure logic a text scroller for 14 segment displays. It just made it all make sense to me. After I felt decent about hooking up TTL and CMOS logic chips, I bought an Arduino.

Did that book not mention decoupling then? :slight_smile:

Did that book not mention decoupling then? :slight_smile:

Are you talking to me? There is a clear 104 cap on each of the counters and adders and there is one on the selector though it is hidden. There are not any one the EEPROMs or resistor arrays or 14 segments. Probably you would want them on the EEPROMs too, that would be a mistake. But the whole rig runs at 768Hz so and scans the 16 14 segments 16 times per segment (it supports 16, the breadboard limits it) and then moves on to the next character, 3 characters per second. So it's not a high speed circuit.

To the OP:

Try here:

just look for electronics tutorials with google or whatever,,,

and I like the site: