Any help with Mindflex EEG hack?

Hello, I am trying to hack the Mindflex EEG headset. I am unable to install the library kitschpatrol Brain library. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Says Not a valid Library

Obviously I am doing something wrong . I hit the download and it took me to ZIP files so I clicked on it and it is in a folder. When I tried to include library it gave the error message. Am I supposed to click on the files I want to download first? I tried to click on Brain.h and same thing happened.


Hi, Where did you put the zip file? Place it in Documents/Arduino/libraries folder, do not extract it .

Use this set of instructions, scroll down it to "importing a zip library"

I assume you are following this link;

Tom.. :)

Okay, thanks for the help. I will check it out. i think I did the extract so I'll go back and clean up my mess and try again.

Okay, yes, I am using the Frontiernerds webpage. I managed to get the first two libraries included but the last one GUI is giving the same error message not a valid library. I tried using the next oldest version but nothing there, either.

I got some data to show up on the serial monitor. Data looked crazy all over the place. The attention level dropped to about 51 for 200. So maybe that is working. But then an error message after every line saying too big a packet. Also not having much luck with including the other libraries. Well, I'll keep trying.

Something isn't right. I don't know what it is but I can't get the libraries included. Keep getting the "not a valid library" error message for the kitschpartol-braingrapher and the controlP5. Even with the kitschpatrol-brain I cannot find the sketch called for. There are three sketches and they all say "test". So I will try to contact someone who has worked on these. If I have to write my own library, well, I doubt that will ever happen but I might have to try. I don't know but I am guessing these libraries are outdated. Maybe I am still doing something wrong, but I have got other libraries to include. I unzip, then go to sketches and include library, then error message.



Thanks for your help. Will try it out as soon as I get the time.

It goes without saying I am not computerally literate. What I think I am doing wrong is when I hit the download for the frontiernerds it brings up the zip program. So I can't find any other option than to unzip it first. Really think this is wrong. Somehow I need to get the files downloaded without unzipping. Then put them in one folder. I am lost, old, and ignorant. Not a good combination. LOL

This is day three of anxiety and frustration over trying to include these libraries. Anybody else ever had this happen to them?


spycatcher2k: In your Libraries folder create a folder call Brain Extract the zip copy the contents of the Brain-master to the brain folder Restart or open the IDE It should now be listed.

I don't know if you want to get involved in this. I am totally ignorant to everything you wrote here. What Libraries folder? How do you extract? How do you copy Brain-master contents to Brain folder?

I am helpless.