Any idea guys?

Hey guys,

I'm in 10th grade and studying in a school with an IB program and basically, next year, we have to do a personal project and I have decided to talk about quantum computers. I was thinking about making a document or something that would teach younger kids, teenager and even adults, basically everyone about the quantum computer by popularizing the information. So today, one of the person in charge of the personal project at my school met me and told me I had to make something original, something that would make people say ''Oh well, that's something original, and it's actually quite fun to learn about this subject because it's not just a popularized document that I have to read in order to learn about it''. So yeah, I was thinking about making a system with an arduino that would make them learn, for example, they would touch and image and a sensor would detect something and show them some information or something, I really don't know, I am kind of stuck and I would like you guys to help me with this. Suggest me some ideas.


I sympathize with your plight, but if you got an “original idea” from the Arduino forum, could you comfortably claim it as your own?

How about making a cube and programming it to let the users navigate their way around, the cube can represent your school with hallways and specific LEDs representing rooms where they can get some info.

How about making an electronic version of a musical instrument?
I haven't seen anyone do a trombone yet.

@RafiKhali, have you scanned the Forum to get a sense of all of the different things people use Arduinos for? Perhaps one of those would be suitable for your demo.

Think about your market. What sort of things would grab the attention of your audience? Very simple things are often very effective.

What level of programming experience have you? Don't take on something that is beyond your present abilities.

GO BACK to your original post and delete all the stuff about Quantum computing. It's irrelevant to an Arduino project and I nearly stopped reading before I got past that stuff.


Simulate a quantum computer with an Arduino, possible sort of.

two leds (one off one on) can simulate superposition of a binary state. The leds blink at high speed .
5 leds (different PWM levels) can simulate a 5 state-system. The PWM levels rotate randomly.

you can simulate that a quantum system comes to a solution (quantum collapse) by suddenly stopping the blinking or rotating.

Other more complex quantum computing states might need more (perhaps even a MEGA or DUE :wink:

Simulate a quantum computer with an Arduino, possible sort of.

An effective demonstration for a general audience has to be simple enough so the viewers think they understand it. :slight_smile: