Any Idea On What To Do?

Anyone have an idea on how I can get an airborne robot to follow someone without the person having any sensors or trackers on their person? I need my bot to simply hover around them, preferably infront of them. Using facial tracking or something like that is out of the question. Just share ideas, no need for code. Lets discuss! :smiley:

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How is the bot to determine what to track? Needs to find something unique about the trackee.

Okay, I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to do that. Thanks for letting me know. Maybe we could get the Arduino to use a template of where the eyes, nose, and mouth are and use an optic camera so that the arduino would scan contiously for something that would match aka someones face. Though that does seem very far from the arduinos capabilities. There must be another way.

"Though that does seem very far from the arduinos capabilities."
I think I'd start less ambitiously, maybe have someone wearing an IR transmitter and just see if you can fly level and keep up with that.

Like this but with infrared.

What kind of airborne bot is it.
If its some kind of helicopter, then simply getting it to hover in a fixed location
is a major task by itself.
Can you provide more information.