Any idea what is a mental touch sensor and what s it good for?

I am now the happy owner of a true mental touch sensor for arduino by El Egoooooo, but I have no idea what to do with it. Much less what it might be... Can it be used with nano or nano will get fried by mental? I d like a plain words explanation or a translation.

Apply mental energy to the sensor ([u]think very hard[/u] about touching it) and something might happen.

I doubt that the Arduino will be fried by the mental energy.

Oh, I am a red blooded theoretician, so maybe I missed the effect while watching it! No arduino needed.

Seriously, the Chinese translator thinks he is writing English, but it sounds like he is making indexes of things to be done before starting a revolution (sic, there are only 600 defenders in Europe and someone him already got a degree). I truly wonder what is the real use of it or whether it is a typo for metal (detector).

How about a link to the device.


There is a mental link to the device, how on earth can't everybody see it ?

Elegoooooo... Its all fine, three cables and go, but code is just take it high, take it low, serial.