Any Idea ???

Hello everybody,

I'm working in project to autoplay video from USB in Philips TV. The TV are installed in MOTOROLA exhibitors.

Every day when they are closing the local shut off the energy, so the next day someone have to turno on the tv and setup the video for play in loop ... nobody do does and the TV keep turned off.

Anybody know how can i automate the tv for it Turn On itself and autoplay de videos from de USB?

Thanks for your time.


Hack a remote control and put it where it can hit the tv sensor.

In hacking up a remote you should be able to give it any kind of an interface you care to have. The right kind of an LED on a uno would be where I would start.

Brandan34 gives a good starting point. You could use the IRremote library (by shirriff available in the library manager) to record the key presses, of the remote, to do what you want and then write a sketch that sends those commands via the IRremote library send() function through an IR LED. Add a real time clock (RTC) to be able to run the sending code at a specified time of day.