Any ideas on how to mount my LCD?

I'm working on a project at work that uses a 20 x 4 LCD display, and an Arduino compatible board. The micro processor sits inside a large Nema 4 electrical enclosure, and I want to mount the LCD through an opening I will laser cut into the enclosures cover. I've thought about using one of the serial interfaces available to simplify the wiring back to the processor, but that doesn't help with mounting of the LCD. Does anyone know of a LCD display designed for industrial applications that are affordable and still HD44780 compatable?

Thanks, Cris

Search HMI you can find what industry uses. It's short for human machine interface. They handle interface to PLCs that run machines in factories. They look pretty decent but cost a lot.

If you want something handheld, buy an enclosure from digikey and cut out an lcd window. The LCD can be soldered to a PCB that you make so the mounting will be mount the PCB inside the enclosure, then the LCD is automatically lined up with your opening. Quite some work. My homebrew looks like this:

I bought the enclosure from allied electronics.

Liudr, Your hand held looks pretty good. I guess I'll solder the lcd to a board or something I can attach my cable to. After bringing the lcd display up thru the cover place a screw mounted clear plastic over over the display to prevent people from damaging the display (gorilla effect).

Thanks, Cris


The inside looks like this:

The acrylic covers were prior to my hand-held box version. You can see the lcd is secured to the PCB below it with plastic standoffs and screws. It's also soldered to the PCB so the entire gut is one solid thing you can mount to a bottom plate or inside of a box.

Liudr, Looks like you're using the serial adapter with your display. Hows that working out for you? I've read about people getting mixed results using serial interface...sort of seems it all depends on who you buy the display from and users experience. I'm not going with the serial board, rather I'll use the same standoff and screw attachment method and an IDE cable to connect display to that part working today.

Thanks, Cris


I didn't use serial adapter for my parallel display. Yes there are mixed experience with serial adapters and I'm not able to comment on it (I don't have one). Here is the board:

The LCD is directly connected to ATMEGA328 pins. I was using 4-bit mode of the standard LiuqidCrystals library.

The tiny boards on the top are photo gates.

Just FYI, I have a shield version of this design, the Phi-2 shield: