Any known issues with Uno R3 and USB hubs?


I have a project that uses a genuine Uno R3, with the ATmega USB controller, and am observing a really curious behavior with it on Windows 10. When connected to the USB port of a computer, it works fine - Windows' usbser.sys driver attaches and I get a COM port that is usable. However, when connecting the board to a 12V active-power StarTech USB3 hub, the OS does not even see it - there is not even a plug-in event. It's like it's not there and plugging it in to the hub never happened. The USB3 hub can be plugged into the same port one the computer that the Uno was previously, and still this strange no-show behavior. I know the hub and its connection are fine because other USB3 and USB2 devices are also using it with no issue. I have been able to replicate this behavior across two vastly different types of Windows 10 boxes.

Is there something special about the Uno R3 and its USB controller in this regard?

The only thing that I'm aware off is reports that relate to the use of USB3. Some computers with USB3 do work with the Arduino, some not. Might be the same with hubs.