Any materials scientists out there?

I have an old Microsoft Sidewinder Force-feedback 2 joystick made, I guess, in the early years of the century.

The grip had that "soft touch" surface treatment/coating that was popular back then, but has degraded to a nasty sticky mess.

The stick is ABS, and I used first isopropyl alcohol, and then WD40 to clean off the coating, but now am worried about other damage I may have done to the surface of the ABS.

Any ideas?

(It looks and feels great, with that great workshop smell of WD40!)

You could look at 'gun grip tape'.

For grips I need use uncured rubber tape.

If you cannot find rubber, try silicone tape that fuses to itself.

This works good too, a bit more rustic:

...I used first isopropyl alcohol ... am worried about other damage I may have done to the surface of the ABS...

Not a problem.

I'll check WD-40 in a bit.

Ugh. My can of WD-40 is being guarded by my sleeping wife. I'll run the test tomorrow.

I think this was the stuff I last used to replace a squishy handle. I can confirm tomorrow. If it's the right stuff it works really well.

Thanks for the answers everyone.

I'm happy with the finish of the bare ABS, and don't need to replace the soft-grip finish, I was just worried that, over time, the WD40 might degrade the ABS.

The stick is probably the best-built item of hardware labelled "Microsoft", until Microsoft took over Nokia. (Grins, ducks and runs)

WD-40 does seem to stick to ABS. Mild soap and water reduces it but does not entirely eliminate it. Weird.

As far as I can tell the ABS is unchanged. I think you're good.

Maybe late but anyway, one of my hobbies is furniture prototyping/making. Between others, I am using also MDF fibreboards with ABS edgings. Petroleum solvent "technical benzine" is well-tried for me for cleaning the glue residues. ABS resists quite good to it. I do not know the exact name for it in US. Petroleum benzine? Technical benzine is very common and it is usually used as chemical cleaner or as thinner for paintings. According the datasheet it is mixture of hydrocarbons C4-C11. I suppose there must be something same or similar on US market.

Maybe try some of the tool handle plastic dip stuff from Lowes or Home Depot
or the Flex Steel version of the stuff.

Interesting product. :o

Maybe try some of the tool handle plastic dip stuff...

I have had nothing but bad luck with that stuff.

They show this stuff on the TV:

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