Any microphone available with arduino UNO?


I have this project going on where I need to use a microphone.
The point is, I’m working with an arduino UNO and I thought adafruit microphone MEMS would work but it is I2S and from what I’ve been reading, the UNO is not compatible.

Is there any chance I find a microphone? I really need a microphone, not anything else! The point is to send encrypted voice (yes I know I need an SD since the UNO memory is not that good).

Thanks in advance!

you can use an Electret Microphone Amplifier
The range 20-20KHz is suitable for voice and you have a pot to adjust the gain but don’t expect CD quality sound and the UNO will be pretty slow to acquire samples and store on SD at a fast rate.

The Arduino Uno is probably far too slow for that application. I suggest to use the Teensy 3.2 Arduino instead. It is about 5 times faster, has lots of memory, a good audio library and shield.

In what form? As a sound or a stream of digits?

The convention way of scrambling speech is to modulate it and send the inverted side band.

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