Any new and unique ideas for Security System, using arduino and sensors.

for study purposes :smiley:

I have a security system in which I use a Doppler radar unit (similar to the Parallax unit, but I ginned up my own amplifier/filter -- costs a lot less than going the Parallax route) and I also use a cheap little electret mic. The mic is there to detect noise levels above the ambient background noise.

At any rate, the radar has never false alarmed, and has never failed to pick up real motion (unless someone walks real slooow). But for double checking, I use the mic: I keep a moving average of 10 seconds of noise data (every half second), and the mic is very good at picking up noises, such as conversation, in an otherwise quiet room. Of course, it will also pick up thunder.

I send individual alerts, as to noise or motion, as text messages to my phone, and I can then be the judge of whether a combination of noise/motion events deserves attention.

Where are you studying and can I have the name of your teacher or supervisor? I'd like to show them how much effort you've been putting into your studies.

Seriously? Two incomplete sentences? You expect real answers from that?

Morgan, I agree that so far he has made little effort.

Maybe he is just getting some ideas then he will be a diligent student using an idea to make a first rate project.