Any NVRAM or FLASH to save a few settings on MKRNB1500?

Maybe I've missed this if it's been discussed before but I need to save a few configuration and other values that will persist across resetting the processor or across power cycling. The program needs to be able to write and read these values.
Does such exist on the MKR1500?

Sorry, I don't have a link, and nor have I tried this. But, I have seen a post somewhere on these forums about using the ECC508 encryption chip to store values as it has a small amount of storage available.

Thanks for thr info. I found the details for reading and writing ECCX08 slots in Without EEPROM on MKR 1010 WiFi, how do we save run time parameters? - MKRWIFI1010 - Arduino Forum

The easiest way ist to use

#include <FlashStorage.h>

This stores your values in the Flash. You can not use a flash memory like a sd card, the write cycles are hardware limited, so dont store in every loop cycle. Reading should be no problem.

I never faced problems so far.

Thanks for the response. This is good to know.