any one could help me

i picked up a Nano Board with 2x Neopixle 16 LED ring lights,

i played about with some basic coding and would like to see if any one could help me?

Am looking to power the two neopixle 16 led rings and control the brightness and store some presets
like solid and flashing, breathing effects ect, is there a knob encoder that can do two things turn the brightness and press it in to change the preset?

my next question is how can i power these via 12/14 volts to 5v or 10v if am using 2 rings? is there a another board i need to get for this to work with the nano.

also can these be controlled via bluetooth to turn the lights on and off

many thanks.

my next question is how can i power these via 12/14 volts to 5v or 10v if am using 2 rings?

This statement is ambiguous.
Explain in detail what this means.
List parts or links to what you are referring to.

12/14 volts to 5v or 10v

is not specific

Did you have some particular power supply in mind ? (what ?)

Is it 12V or 14V ?
Is it 12V to 5V
or is it
12V to 10V ?

Be specific.

As far as the encoder

As far as the Bluetooth controlled leds...

I don't want to state the obvious but , you HAVE heard of Google, right ?

Topic: "Anyone who could help me"

Have to click in, and read the post to find out if I'm "anyone".

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Knob => Rotary encoder (with click)

12V/24V to 5V => DC-DC step down converter

10V => Two rings in series? => Does not work, each needs 5V

Topic title => hopeless... Was your report also called 'My report"? It does make things easier if things have a good title/name (including variables!).

Am new so am not sure what i need to be using,

i have 2x 16 LED neopixle rings that i would like to run in a car that has 12 volts at goes to 14.5 volts when the car is started.

am looking to have them wired so they are each using a data pin so not in series, so one led ring spins one
way (left) and the other spins the other way (right).

If i use a 12V/24V to 5V => DC-DC (step down converter) this would power the ardunio nano and the LED rings
or would i need to have 3 of these, one for each LED and one for the nano.

For the function it doesn't matter is you daisy chain them or connect them to a separate pin. Depending on the application one or the other might be easier.

You should be able to use one for all. Couple of things to note:

  • Car is a pretty noisy environment so you might experience some problems with noise. It's not the most beginner friendly situation.
  • If you want to use an external 5V, use de 5V or Vcc pin on the Arduino.
  • If using an Uno, don't connect USB when you have external 5V applied. For a Nano or Pro Mini that's not a problem.

Lets do some math.

32 LEDs full white need 60mA x 32 = 1.92A

Nano needs maybe 50-60ma, so a 2A supply would do fine.

You can find a 2A cigarette lighter adapter supply on Amazon.

The Nano’s 328P can handle 2 strings of Neopixel just fine.

Here’s an example of driving 4 strips of 43 LEDs each using FastLed.h library.

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Not fancy, but it’s sending out data.

The question is a bit vague and it would be glad if you could share some pics or links referring to the question.

Question is slightly confusing? can you explain in detail what exactly you are expecting?

Re: the PM you sent me:
Get yourself an adapter like this

Power the Nano and the 16 LED rings from the 5V. The Nano only has a 150mA 5V supply, which is enough for the '328P processor and just 1 or 2 RGB LEDs. Not anywhere near enough for 32 of them.

Your other questions on encoder, etc.: The Nano has 20 IO pins, more than enough for 2 pins for the serial interface, 2 outputs to the Neopixels, 2 for an encoder, and plenty more for buttons to change programming modes or whatever.