Any one want to help develope some High Grade Underwater Drones?

I have a website designed for other uses but i decided it was to much at one time. so im planning on using it for developing underwater Drones. I have Minimal knowledge but i learn hella fast. I have room for 5 moderators/admin for those who know what they are doing. I do plan on working on other projects but im going to start with this so i can make my way around the arduino. for now im looking for a simple uav with a camera. then eventually i will add sensors (ph, temp, ect). after that maybe the same thing but for the sky or ground. any help will be greatly appreciated.

Just drones?
What about chanters?
Can you actually play bagpipes underwater?

lol in theory yes you can play bagpipes underwater.....


While not a "drone" check out the openROV project which I think would be a good place to start to see how thrusters and buoyancy etc. work underwater on a vehicle.

What's your website called?

Not sure how much time I can offer but I have a lot of practical experience with the Adrupilot 2.5/2.6 in quad copter configurations. I have written a few hooks into the firmware for personal use.

That would be a very big asset.

I spent many years designing control systems for deep sea ROV's so I'll be happy to get involved

sign up at the turtech forum. i need someone who can develop decent webpages. lol