Any parkrun members here?

Doing my 6th parkrun today (ok, I walk, but it's 5km more than I was walking which was 0 so that can't be bad.)

Excellent way to get a bit of exercise along with a few hundred other folk.

Not a member but try to do 2-3 Km per day.

Good for you on the 5!

30th one today.... well on way to 50 run t-shirt

Been very lazy lately but off to do 32nd one today.

(Website says there will be a new one very close to home, starting in two weeks time. So that won't need such an early start on a Saturday.)

There must be other parkrunners here surely?

C'mon Arduinites....I can't be the only parkrunner on the forum surely?

Here’s my aprs trace (zs6jmb) for my walk… very slow, nursing Achilles, but nice walk at a venue my son (he’s also a radio ham, zs6hmb) and I haven’t been to before.

zs6jmb 9 april.JPG

Aaaaaaand off we go again....

Off to do the inaugural parkrun at a venue a mere 5km from home today.


Isn't it time you learn how to speed walk? ;)

I seem to have developed a bit of a chronic Achilles pain, so right now my walks have slowed to strolls! But an hour with headphones in listening to classicfm and enjoying the scenery is always nice.

The inaugural parkrun last week apparently set a world record for attendance at an inaugural event, almost 1000 participants. (Reason was though, that the parkrun venue next nearest geographically was also hosting a mountain bike race so it was bedlam. Many people turned around at the car park and came to the new one.)

We're doing the same one today. I'm taking a leisurely stroll and my son's running for a good time.