Any pointers on using this eeprom?

I managed to salvage around 5 93LC66 EEPROM chips. I found it’s datasheet. But i’m still unsure how i could use it with an arduino. It has 8 pins total and is a DIP shape.

Any pointers on how i could use this with the arduino? Say, Some tutorial or something?


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secondly, you said you found the datasheet, but didn’t post a link, which just hinders progress, ie: if you cant post a link why should I dance all over the internet to help? or worse were looking at 2 different sheets with conflicting manufacture data

I hate to say this, but you can’t expect an answer to every question right after you ask it. It’s only been 2 hours since you posted the question. Maybe noone has found an answer for you yet.?.?

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You may have better luck in the hardware section under the interfacing sub section. Also if you don’t receive a response then people either don’t see it or don’t have any info. There is no need for a second bump.

datasheet 93LC66 Datasheet pdf -   - Microchip first result in a google search of part number

According to the datasheet you linked (and my quick skim of it), it looks like it should be possible to use it with the Arduino, provided you are willing to give up four digital i/o lines (to drive the chip’s CS, CLK, DI, DO lines).

If you do that, and connect the other pins properly (tying ORG high or low, connecting VCC to 5V and VSS to GND, etc), and follow the timing diagrams for clocking data/commands in and out of the device, it should work fine.

I can’t give you a step-by-step instruction on how to get it working; maybe someone else here can help…?


Sorry i was in quite a hurry. Anyways. I assumed that you guy’s could find it yourselves. ::slight_smile: It’s the first link when you google search the part number i provided.

On the other hand. Thanks. :slight_smile: Though i think i would need a step-by-step how-to i’m afraid.

well, it’s being bumped down the page. It’s been quite some time… has no one ever made a tutorial on this before?
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oh come on! bumped all the way down the page again!

oh come on! bumped all the way down the page again!

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Edit: And sorry for my inpatience :confused:

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Be sure to post the item number and the link to the data sheet. Have a look threw the sheets yourself. Ask any questions you may have about the information presented there. You will need a better understanding of the items so you can come up with a way to use them.

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oh come on! bumped all the way down the page again!

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Let me guess, ReCreate - you’re aiming for God membership, simply by bumping your own posts?

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