Any Project services offered by me

I have been working with Microcontrollers for 25 years starting with Ford in a manufacturing environment. Everything had to work perfectly as millions of units passed thru it. I have experience as a Project manager and Software developer working with Fortune 500 companies. Plus I enjoy what I do at home! My fees are fair, and I promise you will like the results. I will tell you honestly if it can't be done, or if I'm overbooked. I have references for you to read, both professional and personal, most of them related to Arduino. Over 100 projects completed last year. First hour discussing your project is free. Check out my resume and profile:


Good luck with your offerings. Arduinos will rule the earth. I liked your web site. I bet that drug testing project was interesting?


I've completed 2 different kinds of drug testing software. One chooses victims for randomized employment drug testing. Another uses statistical analysis to measure the success of new drugs before FDA approval. Now if only the Arduino could collect urine from everybody using the bathroom during testing day, and throw away 99% of the samples without anyone knowing? If you can't leave the building you won't likely miss a test!

'ere u taking the p*ss?


I’ve taken a few in my lifetime… Should I give them back?

Freelancer website is cool. Loads of work there. Has anyone else tried it? Either as a freelancer or employer?

I click the link and I got : user(0) not found.

I am just curious. I am no employer !

Works when I click, here it is again: Thanks for letting me know it's not working!