Any PunchThrough Lightblue Bean/Bean+ Users Still Around?

I was sorry to see PunchThrough drop the Bean and Bean+ products last year, but I understand their decision from a business perspective.

I have several Beans and Bean+s in my collection of NIB microcontroller boards. I was wondering if anyone else does and/or if there are any active online communities for the Bean products. Google searches for "Lightblue Bean" turn up very little activity in the past year.

Since PunchThrough also took down the Beantalk community site a wealth of information was lost. It would be nice to find a community of people who may still be playing with the Bean products.


I am also trying to find resources but haven't come up with anything. I can no longer program my 2 Bean+ because of the lack of support. It seems like a waste considering that they are still usable. If I come across anything I will post here. Please do the same.