Any suggestions for my RC car project?

This is my RC car so far:

All of the individual systems work, but I've still got wiring, cable management, and program integration left to do, and I've got to build the remote.

The duck, while critical to the project, is not yet attached. I'll probably make a little couch for him so he can see.

It has:

  • 4 wheel independent control so it can use the Omni Mecanum wheels properly
  • 44 WS2812B LED chain, power controlled by a relay
  • Pan tilt mount for an ESP32-CAM
  • 3 ultrasonic sensors, 2 for auto braking and one to show distance to the object in the center of the camera
  • MP3 player and 4ohm 3W speaker. I want to see if I can't simulate engine noises
  • Light sensor to turn on the headlights
  • Planned turn signals, headlights, taillights using the LED strip
  • A piezo horn
  • 2.4GHz comms with video transmission
  • 7.4V 5000mah high discharge rate Li-Po battery 2S1P
  • Battery voltage monitoring by the Mega
  • 3 axis gyroscope for a speedometer

What do you think?
Does anything stand out as dangerous or as needing to be changed?

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