Any way to display data from sensors in another way without programming?

I just started playing with Arduino and i'm playing with a color sensor. But seeing the RGB Values doesnt really give me the idea how the colour looks. So is there any way to display the data as a color on a PC Screen? I know I can use RGB LEDs but right now I don't have any.

What ever happened to "Wiring"?
That's not a dig at you, there was a Windows program for interfacing with Arduino stuff.

I know you said "without programming" but I would suggest having a look at Processing as it is very similar to use as the Arduino IDE and you can do some really clever stuff with it surprisingly easily.

I have put a Processing sketch below for you to have a play with, it receives RGB data as three integers and changes the displayed colour based on it.

BTW - see "the coding train" to see what can be done with Processing

(Glad you remembered better.)

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