Any way to use arduino gsm shield with computer (windows )

im a beginnner.I want to use gsm arduino shield with computer(windows) via usb.
is there any possibilities? any adapters which can convert TTL to USB?
gsm shield has tx,rx,5v,gnd separate pin. i know usb also has same pin configurations data0,data1,vcc,gnd.
can i solder these shield pins directly to usb pins(port) ? is it possible? does it work this way?
or any other possible ways to do?
i have attached arduino gsm shield picture.
Kindly suggest.


One way:

Many other products are available that do the same. You will need a good terminal program running on the PC. TeraTerm is one:

Many other great programs are available.

Why not just get an Arduino UNO to be the interface between the PC and the shield?