Anybody can help me?

How to convert arduino coding into proteus 8 software? please help me

If you edit your Original Post you could change the title to "Convert arduino coding into proteus 8 software"

I have no idea how to do convert the code or whether it is possible.


I didn't think any conversion as such was required. I thought that you just had to import a "*.cpp.hex" file into Proteus, or point Proteus at that file in the build folder.

N.B. The later versions of the IDE don't create a ".cpp.hex" file, they create a ".ino.hex" file, which apparently doesn't work, even if renamed, according to the last person I helped with using Arduino output for simulation in Proteus. You need about IDE V1.6.5 for the "*.cpp.hex" file.

Edit: I think that last person, a week or two ago, was using Proteus Isis 7. (And he got everything working fine by back-pedalling to Arduino IDE V1.6.5.)