Anybody know a hackable fire sensor?

I’ve got a requirement to put a fire sensor in an enclosed space. (About 1m3.) I’ve already got 3 Arduinos in the space, so obviously I thought of connecting it to an Arduino and having the fire alarm go through my Arduino network.

Other than one instructable showing an MQ2 sensor - which is not a flame or smoke sensor - I’m not finding anything related to Arduino. Domestic type smoke alarms don’t seem to have a simple digital output I can use. Other stuff seems to always be part of a building alarm system and uses a proprietary protocol to talk to the fire panel. :frowning:

What sensors are there out there for flame/smoke/heat, like a domestic alarm, which has a 5V or 12V output? I’ll even take a serial output if the protocol is available. It also has to run on 5V or 12V (no mains power.)

1 cubic meter, what is this?

Do you want to detect: flame, smoke or heat? Maybe all you need is an IR or a simple temperature sensor.

Flame sensor |500x258 .

There isn’t really any such thing as a fire sensor.

Usually you detect smoke or heat (or both) to activate a fire alarm.

What do you want to do with it?

npkamen: There isn't really any such thing as a fire sensor.

There are sensors which can recognise flame. My son was telling me about them when he was doing his IFE studies. But I have no idea if they're readily available: might still be in the research phases.

edit.... son's looking for a reference

PM’d you with some stuff my son found. Bit long to post here.


Could you just connect wires from a smoke detector buzzer output to the arduino (observing voltage limitations for arduino pins)

I was hoping for something a bit more robust than jumpering the buzzer. A domestic alarm is also kind of large.

Thanks Jimbo, I'll check out your suggestion.