anybody use this lcd 3.6" on mega

Hi all. I have this lcd from aliexpress

I can not make it works. Anybody have a solution? Many thanks in advance.

How far down the path to success have you got so far?

E.g. Plugged into UNO, UNO powered, graphics libraries and examples tried?

The website indicates the display uses an ILI9327 driver, so you need to find a compatible library with the right initialisation code.

Just came across this thread it appears folk are having success using the UTFT library and sketch settings compatible with Coldtears displays. So that thread is likely to be a good starting point.

thanks for your support but the lcd's are very different

The UTFT libraries cover many different screens and controllers, give it a try. Im a complete novice but even I managed to find the right one and got it working.

not work tried all types made a modification in ili9327 initlcd.h but nothing

Looks like someone has had some success with this display on this thread.