Anyone anywhere willing to burn bootloader to my ATMEGA?

Is there any Arduino user anywhere who is willing and able to burn the bootloader to my new ATMEGA168? I would be happy to mail my chip to you, with another stamped envelope to return it! I would really appreciate it.



I'd be willing to burn the bootloader, BUT you do realize you'd save money/effort by just getting a pre-loaded ATmega328P off SparkFun, or something, right?

Regarding your post, which bootloader do you want (Arduino Uno/Duemilanove (optiboot, 16Mhz), Lilypad (8Mhz), etc)?

Thanks for your reply! I need a Diecimila bootloader.

You probably do not want to post your address on this forum, so will you email it to me?

Thanks a ton!

Email sent.