Anyone aware of a similar chip to DS2423 1-wire pulse counter?

Has anyone used, or is anyone aware of, a similarly spec'd pulse counter to Maxim's DS2423 1-wire solution? I need to count LED flashes on a number of sources (more than the Arduino has interrupts) and want to 'poll' remote counters periodically to discover the number of pulses since the last poll to save energy on the Arduino. The DS2423 looked a real possibility for this but Maxim have discontinued it without seemingly replacing it. Although not an ideal solution, due to it being obsolete, does anyone know if the DS2423 can still be sourced?

If anyone has done anything similar using a 1-wire solution, I would be grateful for any pointers as this is a new learning experience for me.


Sadly, that part has reached a single source evolutionary dead-end.

The only place I still see them available is:

P.S. Leave me some.