anyone doing ludmdare this weekend?

Its one of my sick self destructive pleasures, to make a game totally from scratch, solo, in 48 hours

anyone else?

Nope, but sounds really entertaining ;D!

What language are you programming it in?

I was going to do processing, but it doesnt have a physics engine, and I have hundreds of objects flying around so its love2d again (lua)

Hah over my head, at least. Sounds like a lot of fun.

not really, lua is a really simple language primarily made for abstract / large amounts of description data, love2d is lua bound with some fun game goodies like sdl open gl and box 2d

though the syntax is not anything that your probably used to (its much simpler once you wrap your brain around “anything goes” type of mentality)

(its much simpler once you wrap your brain around “anything goes” type of mentality)

Hah! Sounds like my kind of language. Just makes some stuff up and it works awesome. I might have to look into it though.

please do, I use love2d for game making (briefly described above) and murga lua for app making (its lua bound to FLTK window manager)

as an example tables, tables are sorta like arrays, but they can contain data, class structures, functions, and other tables containing all of the above

if you do it right they become really powerful, if you do it wrong though it can become a jumbled mess, so it does take some thinking

for instance in my “game” I have

ph.player = {}

which contains xy cords, an object for the player’s ship, its polygonal bounding box and all physics information (mass inertia and collisions) which is in the ph table (hince the ph. before player) that contains ~ half dozen other tables for other items and functions :smiley:

ok greatly scaled back but I have something that could almost be classified as a game