Anyone done any XBee/Arduino combo boards?

Basically I'd like to have something more like a Pro Mini Arduino that has an XBee socket on it and still some amount of Arduino I/O, too. But something much more tiny than a full size Arduino and XBee shield. Anyone done anything like that?


I've got this design, uses 1284P for extra SRAM.
Could make it smaller for you.
Or add the Xbee socket to a promini if that's all the processor you need.

Yeah, that's definitely good, but I was thinking a lot smaller.

I hadn't thought it through, but it would be really cool if the "married" product had a switch so you could program either the Arduino or the XBee via the same USB port, too.

Safe to assume you've integrated lipo charging via solar in your design? I've wondered about the requirements on the solar and lipo to power JUST an XBee running 24/7 as a router would be. Obviously need to factor in worst case for sunlight, which is the most annoying variable. That's a long way further down my project design, though.

To start I need to create the smallest XBee/Arduino "fob" that I can. I don't need it powered all the time, but I do need it to be able to wake up within a couple seconds from a single button press.


Well, write down some firm requirements, I'll send you a quote.
I think a promini married to xbee socket is doable, with FTDI header for programming via USB/Serial adapter, maybe a couple of jumper blocks to select whether '328P or Xbee gets connected to FTDI, or whether 328P & Xbee connect to each other.

I realize it is not Xbee, but you might look at these.

Small board with radio module. Been playing with the larger version (UNO sized board) and they seem pretty good. I didn't find the chip arial very good, but with a wire whip the range seems good.