Anyone ever tried hooking up an iPad lcd and digitizer?

I have an old iPad lcd screen and digitizer. My iPad motherboard crapped out but the screen and digitizer still work great. Anyone ever tried hook them up to and arduino? Or does anyone know how I would?

I am building an arduino interface into a vivarium I am currently building. I want to have a touch screen interface so I'm lookin for a cheap and nice way of having that. (Gotta try and repurpose!) I am trying to make this project into a great tutorial cause there are a lot of people out there who want to do this and try to do it but it is so hard to wrap your head around. I'm making an instructibles for this whole thing and want to break it down so anyone can do it and customize it. Come take a look and help out anyway you can!

ArdiunViv w/ incoming weather data & touchscreen