Anyone ever worked with .mp3 files?

I'm putting together a .mp3 doorbell for on of my kids. Mostly its all working but I'm finding an issue with some of the .mp3 files I'm using. Some, when you hit play, will sit silent for about 21-26 seconds.

Well, turns out after a LOT of digging. What's going on is, Apple puts a massive amount of data in headers to the .mp3 files, >600k. So the .mp3 player happily scrolls through all this silently 'till it finds the first sound data frame about 20 seconds later.

I found the album artwork .png file in there. That took up most of the data.

Setting the file pointer to the first sound data frame works. But..

My question, does anyone know how to locate the first sound data frame in these? I've not been able to crack this one.


-jim lee

Not sure, but perhaps a tool like this? (There are a number of similar ones floating around)

Apparently those metadata tags do include the cover art sometimes. No wonder they're so hefty. And they seem to be notorious for screwing up players.

Seems worth a shot.

And hello from another Anacortes resident! Just spotted the sig. Might have to talk more about that...