Anyone familiar with the Rainbowduino?

I'm working on a project with an 8x10 LED Matrix, and I was hoping to use a Rainbowduino to power it. The issue I'm having is working out how to modify the Rainbowduino firmware to play nice with the extra 2 rows - I want to use the blue pins 1-8 and red 1-2. Anyone got any helpful suggestions?

Hang on, is this single colour or RGB?

If you only want single colour and on/ off, just use two MAX7219s. Now note that you allocate them as five rows each, and set the Scan Limit register to 4, so that you get the best and equal brightness for the two groups.

Programming is if anything, much easier than adapting a Rainbowduino design, given those constraints.

Thanks for the advice, I should have been clearer in my first post. It's a single colour matrix and I want to be able to do 4bit brightness (at least).